Monday, May 19, 2008

Stalked - Mr. Jackson Pt 1

(He's 6'7" and creepier in person)

My bff, once I started elementary school, was Sandy. My mom was best friends with her mother as well and our families would take vacations together a few times a year. They camped with us every summer and we would have a blast.

All that changed when I was 15.

I was at the movies with my boyfriend, Josh, and ran into Mr. Jackson in the lobby of the theatre. I asked him where Mrs. Jackson and Sandy were and a strange look came over his face...

...and a mother of one of the kids we went to school with popped out from behind him. I had caught him on a date. I mumbled something and got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Now, we had heard rumors that Mr. Jackson was cheating, but no one had any proof. I was sick to my stomach that I was the one who caught him red-handed. I let Sandy know what I saw when I got home.

A week later I went to a football game with Josh, our younger friend, Jake, and Josh's dad. It was our high school's playoff game, and the stadium was packed. Josh's dad dropped us off and we agreed to meet up with him after the game. Josh, Jake and I couldn't find seats, so the three of us stood at the bottom of the bleachers close to where the cheerleaders were. I remember scanning the crowd at one point and almost falling over.

Mr. Jackson was there. And he was there with the other woman. At our game. In front of everyone. And his daughters were only one section away. I prayed they didn't see him there.

He caught my eye and the look he gave me was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. It was evil mixed with glee mixed with triumph. It made my skin crawl.

After the game, Josh's dad drove us all home and I put the episode behind me. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stay that way for long.

The first letter came on November 27th and it was addressed to my mother. It was a story about my "activities" during the evening of the playoff football game. My parents didn't know what to make of it because there was fact (I was at the game, I was with two teenage boys) mixed in with lies (everything else). Luckily, they remembered that Josh's dad had driven us to the game and that fact negated 95% of the untruths contained in the letter.

And here, my readers, is the letter (there will be more posted). The only things I have edited* are places referenced and the name of the football coach (the weird spelling and verbage hasn't been touched). Thanks to Bob Dobalina for helping me transcribe.


The events revealed below are factual and took place exactly and precisley as told. Do not discount this informaion for by doing so, the situation will certainly become worse and out of your control forever. It took place the evening of Friday, November 20, 1992, at the football stadium of Cleveland State University*, on the highways between Cleveland* and Akron*, and in the back parking lot of JFK Middle School*, close to the stadium stands at that location. No judgements are made except an editorial comment at the end of this letter. The purpose is to inform you of facts, actions, and behavior that you as a parent should be aware of so that if you wish, you may take appropriate action. Unfortunately, there are no photographs or video of the events in my possession. Others may want to share their's with you. However, there is cooperative of the events just as I describe them to you by several hundred, and perhaps several thousand other Akron* and Cleveland* residents who all personally viewed the behavior and actions in the first chapter of this narrative. As to the subsequent occurances, I have in my possession physical evidence (as disgusting as that may be) which willbe shared with you at your request.

That evening, Akron HS* and Marshall HS* played a regional football playoff game. The night was reletively mild for this late in the year and the promising rain had withheld. Ten thousand fans packed the stands, including Akron High* students, players, cheerleaders, band members, their parents, friends, and other Akron* residents. The press and television cameras were all taking note of the action on and off the field.. In front of the stadium stands was an area for walking to the several sets of steps leading to the bleachers. Also, a yellow rope was stretched out to keep the spectators from the field of play. Since the stands were packed full, several people chose to stand along this yellow rope closer to the action. All in the stands could easily see the people along the ropes as this area was floodlit as was the field. Coach Joey Robins* and his fiancee were among those people. Also there was your oldest daughter with two boys of the same age, both with wavy dark hair but one taller than the other. Neither appeared to be ready to shave smooth hairless faces. The shorter of the two held your daughter's coat and purse as she ventured to talk to friends and visit the lady's room. Most of her time however was spent with the boys, laughing, talking, and watching the large crowd of football fans aforementioned above that were behind them. She ran her fingers through each of their hair and along their faces, then put on a public display of wanton sexuallity that certainly embarrassed those around me who made many low volumn comments of disgust.

Your daughter and the shorter boy (we will call him Josh) engaged in acts that should be reserved for married couples in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Heavy petting of chest, breasts, and buttocks was simultaneous with kissing of cheeks, lips, and neck using the tongue in the ears, mouth, and licking of body parts. Her sucking of his fingers prompted an unidentified student to call out loudly "Fuck her, I did". The response by your daughter and the boy was to smile broadly back and for him to say "Later!" and the response from the crowd was groans.

Twenty to thirty minuites of this behavior greeted halftime at the game. Shortly thereafter the trio left the stadiam and I followed. With the taller boy driving and your daughter and the shorter boy in the rear seat, the aforementioned activity continued with great passion down Euclid Ave.* and north on Rt. 271*. At one point near W 58th Street*, your daughter's head lowered down below the seat back level. I was not close enough behind to see everything and it was dark, but the boy's head arched back above the rear seat back and remained in this position for several minuites. At the Rt 90 W exit, she emerged back from below seat level to begin kissing and caressing his still motionless head.

Having lost contact with them entering Portage County* on Rt 6*, I proceeded to exit at Rt 6*. Their car passed immediatly infront of me going south on Main Street*. Again following, they led me to the rear of the parking lot behind JFK Middle School*. I was located behind the fine arts section of the school building out of sight. An argument of some sort ensued wherby the taller boy started walking away toward and behind Center Elementary*. I drove across Main Sreet* without lights to avoid detection. There, I remembered my high power binoculars in the back seat brought to better view the football game. I now had an excellent viewing of the action in the car. Your daughter and the boy were engaged in sexual intercourse with her mounted on the sitting boy and facing me through the rear window glass of the car. She was clearly naked on top but the car obscured my view below that. Modesty, embarrassment, and morals prevented me to watch any longer and I was prepared to leave immediatly. But prior to starting my car, the taller boy suddenly reappeared, agitated that he was sent off. Their voices could be heard from that distance. Your daughter quickly put back on her top without reapplying her bra and the boy threw something toward the chain link fence guarding the stadium. All three drove off going south on Main*. My investgation of the area around the parked location and near the fence revealed physical evidence-- a still moist condom, partially folded back to expose semen fluid. Not wanting to touch the article, I picked up the wet condom with a pencil and placed it in an air tight sandwich bag which just previously held my uneated game snack. DNA testing on the inside and outside body fluids would prove a union between your daughter and this boy.

These careful and indisputable detailed facts may help you to take appropriate action. Do not go through a denial-- Help your daughter understand the dangers to her reputation, health, mental stability, and well being, not to mention the eternal damnation from God and the Church for conducting these mortal sins of premarital, lustful sex and promiscuous acts. Ask yourself if she was raised this way and who set the example for pure living. If you want the used condom, just mention it yo your acquaintences at the schools and the church. I will get the message and deliver it to you.