Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Girls Walk Into a Porn Store

Tabbie and I had a little dinner last night and then decided to do a little browsing and shopping at the local adult store.

Now, I compare all adult stores to mac daddy of them all, The Pleasure Chest ( This store has everything you could ever need (and some unbelieveable items no one should ever need). They also offer some amazing classes. This month, for example, they have Back Door Betty: everything you ever wanted to know about Anal Sex and a Hands on Body Harness Workshop.

The store we visited last night was nothing like the Pleasure Chest. For one, they had video booths in the back that smelled like a circus had come to town. I'm not talking about the standard cum and disinfectant bouquet that normally accompanies these sorts of places. These smelled like a filthy truck stop bathroom - a nasty old pee aroma. The signs that normally decorate the booths about going in solo were there, but even bigger signs read: NO PISSING!!

Who does that? Isn't everyone there to jack off to porn? Can you really not break away for a second to run to the bathroom?

The product selection was pretty weak and the guy behind the counter really knew jack about the products he was selling. For fun, I did make him do a vibrator comparison test with me.
We spent a few minutes chatting him up before leaving, asking about the 14 page banned customer list hanging behind him, his opinion of the local strip joints and detailed questions regarding those wonderful booths.

And here's the kicker.

While conversing with the guy, he repeatedly told Tabbie and I that we were weird and strange. This was coming from the porn store dude - a dude with the weirdest and strangest job ever! A guy who has to see the sickest, most bizarre behavior known to man. I knew we were a litte freaky, but wow, that's quite a label he handed out to us. And he hadn't even heard any of our truly outrageous stories.

I think I'll take it as a compliment.