Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creepy Guy Strikes Again Pt. 2

I had to screw with him again, I just had to. For the benefit of Tabbie (http://theambiguousblob.blogspot.com/) and other friends of mine who may read this, I decided to pepper the conversation with a few inside jokes as well:

CG: hi sweetie
GB: so i had a hard time sleeping last night thinking about your car fantasy. imagining i was there
CG: mmmm - i knew you would
GB: are you open to other places as well
CG: all sorts of places
GB: like what? me, i love doing it at the movies and in pastures and seeing if i can pull it off some place public, like walmart
CG: i like doing things secretly in public places. one time, in the train station. i was up on a balcony, looking down on the security guard. the guard had no idea what was going on. a girl was making me very pleased
GB: that's hot like the fire in my crotch
CG: was i in your fantasy last night? and what was going on
GB: of course you were in my fantasy
CG: that is VERY intriguing
GB: i'd like to be out in public with you. it gets me hot and bothered. my roommate is such a bore, really.
CG: she is, isnt she. i'd love you to describe more of what you imagined last nite
GB: just that instead of my prudish roomie, i was the one in the car. i have a 99 ford escort, btw. it's got a dent in the front bumper, but has low mileage. i want you to have a clear pic for this fantasy. anyway, i was rubbing my tits all over you from your head to your toes
CG: go on baby, go on
GB: and then i'd take a leftover packet of marmalade from our lunch date and smear it on my nipples and have you lick it off
CG: yes. you're turning me on. go on. i'm so there
GB: then i would take off my clothes and lean back the seats and get my tits really lubed up with more marmelade and have you fuck them. my nipples clamps would be jingle jangling all the way CG: tell me about my cock now
GB: i'd be surprised because your cock would be so huge, so big it should be part of the trail of 100 giants (the sequoias). giant number 103
CG: and then? i love this. there is a surreal feeling to this fantasy
GB: and then i would touch myself while i had to rub your cock all over me
CG: i like a fantasy that turns into a plan.
GB: me too. tell me more about ur fantsasy
CG: it's very similar. but also involved hair pulling and steering your face where i want it. lubricating your tits with your tongue and saliva instead of sticky marmalade while i fuck them
GB: GRRRRR that is hot. i like a guy who tells me what to do. i feel like running around like a blind bear
CG: you're my kind of girl. we start to touch each other in the restaurant and are sitting close enough that your hand is on my crotch under the table
GB: exactly where it should be...what do i find?
CG: a hard rod in my pants that responds to your touch. seeing if we can sneak into the restroom when no one is looking, and making you get on your knees and pull that hard rod out of my pants just for a taste. have to save myself for your tits
GB: i would love to just climb under the table like i had to fetch a roll i dropped. take a quick bite and lube you up with the butter
CG: i can barely get my jeans on, i'm hard and sticky right now. let me know if you want to meet for lunch one day very soon