Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creepy Guy Strikes Again - Pt 1

So my dear roomie went on a horrendous date with a boy many moons ago.

I listed him in the blog I wrote regarding weirdos you meet when you online date. Said guy decided to IM me via the dating site. I pretended I knew nothing about his date with Tabbie and this is how the conversation went. Please read my responses with the sarcasm I intended:

Creepy Guy: so how are you doing? you know, I went on a date with your roommate with the big boobs. She kept rubbing her tits on me
Ginormous Boobs: and where did she rub them
CG: against my body and crotch. and then she got shy.
GB: were you guys naked?
CG: no, that would have been hot
GB: haha
CG: is she bigger than you , miss ginormous?
GB: nope, i am bigger than her
CG: are you shy like her?
GB: thats a loaded question
CG: i mean, as i described, she is pretty big
GB: i know ive seen them
CG: then your photos don't tell the whole story
GB: why is that...i told you my boobs were bigger. do they look smaller than hers?
CG: you did. just does not seem ginormous in photos. i think she likes to get them fucked, but.... shy
GB: wow i wouldnt take her for shy. were you trying to fuck her tits in broad daylight? after a lunch date
CG: so what if i did?
GB: maybe she was just shy out in the daylight. maybe you have to get her alone in the dark
CG: boring. i like to see what's happening. i prefer a girl who's not shy about light
GB: what else do you like besides a non prude girl
CG: a girl who enjoys pleasuring me with her breasts in random places in the middle of the day would be a lot..... that alone seems hard enough to find
GB: i cant believe thats hard to find. it's soooo not a big deal...and kind of fun
CG: feel free to change my mind, but i have not found the girl yet that's not shy about going there
GB: must be looking at the wrong kid of girls. i seriously dont know too many that wouldnt like a good car tittie bang at noon
CG: you must be kidding me. introduce me to said women


The Ambiguous Blob said...

I am very shy and ladylike, dontcha know.

Ginormous Boobs said...

AB: Yeah, that's how I always imagine you. All sweet and demure, pouring tea. Must have been those "Her Personal Best" classes.

carymc said...

Gawd, what an oxygen thief. You should put him on NAMBLA's mailing list.

Bunc said...

I am not sure what it was that drew me to your blog, must have been the name I guess.
I am conducting a survey of medical conditions suffered by bloggers and connected with blogging.

You sound like a Gal who may have some of the medical conditions we have identified. You may even have some obscure bloggers medical condition that we have not yet listed. Please be so kind as to bring yourself and your ginormous boobs over for a visit and let us know about any bloggers medical conditions that you may be aware of.

You will I hope please excuse me just dropping by and making an unannounced invitation like this but as a sufferer from Nymphoblogmania I am have to visit at least three new blogs a day and leave irrelevant comments.

Lady Jaye said...

You're alive!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw you on M's page. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a winner. I can't believe that Tabbie didn't want to pursue such a catch...

CarmenSinCity said...

Ummmmm - wow - that was a nice conversation for you guys to have. Thank you for sharing that with us :) We love that shit!!

Some Guy said...

Holy shit! GB, you're back!

pistols at dawn said...

You are all so demure. I picture the two of you sipping mint juleps in corsets, tut-tutting menfolk who use too much tongue when they kiss your proffered gloved hands.

jo said...

you've been gone a loong time... good to have you back... and evidently you still know how to find the guys haha!

Ginormous Boobs said...

Bunc: Wow. Let me say it again. Wow.

LJ: I am here - slowly but surely creeping back in.

Catherinette: This guy was still bothering me up until a couple months ago.

Carmen: Oh, I have more. I really love screwing with these guys.

SomeGuy: I'm like 25 percent back :)

Pistols: Corset for sure - but we usually sport them with our hooker boots.

Jo: I have to admit, I went through a ton before I found a good one.